About us

The Ukrainian Federation of Military Fitness is an organization created for the purpose of:

  • patriotic education of members of the Federation, propaganda among the population of the Constitution and the Laws of Ukraine on the protection of the Fatherland;
  • preparation of conscripts from military specialties;
  • participation in educational activities and physical training of young people for joining forces and paramilitary structures;
  • the development of applied sports – the organization of trainings, seminars and competitions.

We are engaged in the physical education of ordinary citizens who have the goal of becoming more confident, more enduring, stronger, transforming and strengthening their bodies.

As you know, the world’s leading armies invest a great deal of money in the latest methods and technologies for the physical education of their servicemen. Next, these technologies come in great sport. Next – in the mass physical culture. Our instructors have a great deal of military service in special forces. And we use this experience to train ordinary people.

In addition to physical training, we conduct special courses:

  • infantry training
  • fitness shooting – a combination of physical and infantry exercises that bring skills up to real situations.

If you want to temper your will, develop physical conditions to a new level, master the new skills and abilities, join the ranks of our Federation!

How can I support the federation

The Ukrainian Federation of Military Fitness is a nonprofit project. Instructors and coaches do not receive financial rewards for their efforts and time. However, the administration of all processes, communication and project development requires considerable time and resources of the team. Therefore, you can always:

Tell about the federation

Tell about the federation

The project exists due to the participation of professionals in it and the willingness to devote its time to developing others. Help people find out about the project and attract more people to joint development!

Become an instructor

Become an instructor

If you have already achieved some professional success and are ready to share your experience with the project participants, we will be glad if you join the team of mentors.

Invest into the project

Invest into the project

For continuous and serious work on the project, resources are needed: from technical support to the minimum encouragement of the project team. Support technically or financially.

Become sponsor of our project

Become a regular sponsor

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